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How To Keep Your BLIZ In Pristine Condition

Proper maintenance of your BLIZ is vital in achieving maximum performance and maximum protection.

To keep your BLIZ in great condition and to get the most out of them in your time, follow these simple steps.


01-rinse-data 1

Take your BLIZ and run them under some lukewarm water to rinse unwanted debris.


01-clean-data 1

Take a dash of mild soap and lightly apply it to the lenses. Use your fingers to gently spread it across the lens and cover the full surface.

Rinse again

01-rinse-again 1

Once you've applied the soap, run your BLIZ under water again ensuring that all residue is removed.


01-dry-data 1

For the final step, take your microfiber cloth and gently dry your BLIZ. Make sure to do this thoroughly!

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