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Ever since we started to develop helmets we have had a goal. Make one of the safest helmet ever made. With an appealing design, rapid and safe features, Volt has the perfect recipe and tools to revolutionize and become a legend in the world of Alpine Skiing. <br><br>The helmet is designed to pass the FIS standard and meet the high security demands of the worlds best downhill skiers. Sizes S: 50-53cm S/M: 54-56cm M: 56/58cm

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Working with strong and reliable materials is the main priority to make a safe helmet. Calculations has been made and tested in a virtual world as well as real labs, getting to know and learn the different materials and their way of communicating with each other. Solid Carbon as shell material is extremely strong, light weight and safe in varying weather conditions.Together with the core material EPS and the reinforced low-density EPP inserts this helmet is one of the safest, most comfortably and fastest helmet ever made.


Bliz engineers has made and developed a unique combination that makes the helmet fit perfect with MIPS. MIPS is created to reduce and absorb rotational impacts, in case of an accident. Four important hazards in elite alpine racing; high-energy impacts, rotational energy, multi-impact crashes, and gate impacts. To fight these high and low-energy impacts racers often experience, we have made the helmet with test winning MIPS.



S: 50-53cm

S/M: 54-56cm

M: 56/58cm

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1. Full Carbon

Volt full Carbon brings ultra-lightweight and ultra-stiff characteristics all together. Benefits of the Carbon fiber shell material increase to a maximum level. Volt ́s impact resistance vs similar helmets without carbon are huge. Other benefits of the Carbon shell are low weight and compact design, ensuring a closer and more aerodynamic fit.

2. EPS Core

Bliz Volt has been equipped with a high quality EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core to provide good protection.

3. EPP Reinforcements

The Bliz Volt helmet enhances the safety of its EPS core with focused EPP front and back inserts. EPP (Expanded Polypropylene), has great shock-absorbing properties and is a common and proven material in high-end helmets. The Carbon, EPS and EPP in combination gives you the ultimate pro- tection.

4. Airflow Ventilation System™

Airflow Ventilation System was developed using low and high speed fluid dynamics studies to de- liver the ideal airflow rates both within and around the helmet at every speed. The result is a helmet with air channels that delivers pleasant and effective ventilation that further enhances safety.

5. Emergency Quick Release System™

The Emergency Quick Release SystemTM provides a reliable, fast and easy way to detach the ear pads from the helmet, and thereby reduce pressure on the skier’s head and neck if an accident should occur.

6. Easy strap release

Quick and easy attach/detach system for easy strap handling.

7. Rubber strap holder

Make sure the strap stays in place with the rubber strap holder. In addition you also minimize the injury risk by avoiding bulging parts on the helmet.


MIPS is created to reduce and absorb rotational impacts, in case of an accident. 



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