We are sailing 470!


Hi! We are Olivia Bergström and Lovisa Karlsson, and we are sailing 470, the women Olympic two-person dinghy class.

"Three years ago we decided to start an Olympic campaign together in the 470."

After more than ten years of training and competing against each other in different boat classes, we realized we would complete each other with our different personalities and strengths. Today we have established to be in the world top and are pushing hard to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer.


Tell us about your different roles in the boat.

In the 470, you are two persons onboard, which means teamwork, communication, and synchronization are keys to making the boat go fast. Even though we are working together, the two positions are very different. The skipper is hiking out from the boat while the crew is in a trapeze. Olivia, as the skipper, is holding the rudder. She is also trimming the mainsail and is focusing on making the boat go fast. Lovisa is the crew, which means that she is taking care of the jib, and is making the tactical decisions on the upwind.

When we are sailing with the wind, Lovisa is in charge of trimming the spinnaker while Olivia makes the tactical decisions. To make the boat go fast in all kinds of winds, we both need to be very strong.


When you are not sailing, how do you train, and what are some key things to think about?

For core strength, we like to use the Pilates ball. It is also essential for us to have good cardio. Not only because of high heart rate during races but also to make a better recovery in between races and during a 6 days long competition. We are doing a lot of different kinds of intervals, on the bike for Olivia and the rowing machine for Lovisa.

To make the boat go fast in all kinds of winds, we both need to be very strong. Core and upper body strength are essential for both of us. For that, we do exercises as push press, standing row, and chins.

What is your favorite eyewear both on and off the boat?

Whenever there is sailing on schedule, the Matrix Small Face is on. No matter the weather. The sunglasses do not just protect our eyes from the sun, but also the splashing saltwater. Most importantly, they make it easier to read the wind on the water.

If we don't hit the sea, we love to wear Ace both in the boat park or on a sunny day in Gothenburg.


Other tips and tricks

Fast movements in the boat make it essential for us to make sure the sunnies stays in place. We both adjust the nose pad to make it fit our nose and then bending the temples to make sure that they remain in place. We do also put a neck cord to make sure we don't lose them in the water.

After we've been out on the sea, we always make sure to rinse them with fresh water to get rid of the salt. Then we let sports glasses dry and sleep in their cases during the night.




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