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Born and raised in the north. Shaped and molded by harsh and unforgiving environments. Approved by the real natives of Scandinavia. This is what led to the creation of Nordic Light.

Nordic Light is a unique lens, developed and designed to suit the flat light weather conditions of the north. A light that can be hard on the eyes when it comes to contrast. The Nordic Light lens primarily filters out the blurry colors in between. This enhances the variations in the snowy terrain. The other color peaks offer greater permeability, giving you the best available color perception. By removing some aspects of the color spectrum, we greatly improve your vision and performance.

Testing things in laboratory conditions is great. But what does that say about user experience?
We have had the world elite in Alpine skiing test the lenses in the toughest possible environment.


Your eyes are amazing – but not always perfect. It’s difficult to distinguish colors between the blue and the green, and the green and the red wave lengths. These crossovers are blocked by the Nordic Light lens, providing the carrier greater contrast and clarity in tough conditions.



Light transmission: 25-28%
Category: 2
Mirror: Blue multicoating
Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, and Anti-Fog

Innovative allround lens with game changing
characteristics. The recipe pops the contrasts
and blocks the faded colors in between. The
lens is a violet 2 lens. It cuts out parts of
red light and vastly enhances flat light visibility.
Additionally, it also blocks out destructive UV-light.

The 2 makes this a great lens in every
environment and every weather condition.
Glare from the sun is cut by the multi-coated
color. Compared to the Coral lens, this lens
works best in varying weather conditions.





Light transmission: 49-51%
Category: 1
Mirror: Blue

Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, and Anti-Fog
Groundbreaking 1 lens that enhances
contrasts and blocks out destructive UV light.
These lenses cut out the blurry light in
between the clear colors. Leaving the clear
colors gives your eyes more comfort and better
vision. The experience is that your visual
perception is boosted and you see contrasts
more clearly.

The soft and relaxing amber color gives your
eyes the relaxation and contrast needed to
keep focused all day long, especially in bad
weather conditions.



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