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Sprint ULS

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Lens: ULS™ Brown w red multi
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If you want the best - you ask the best. Together with top athletes we have developed Sprint Ultra Lens Science. A technically advanced pair of glasses that go perfect with skiing and multisports. Sprint ULS is equipped with Ultra Lens Science™. A photochromic lens that darkens and lightens up automatically to the strength of the sunlight (UV light). <br /><br />With Sprint comes a headband and a sweat bar. Stylish, tested and with unsurpassed flexibility. Sprint ULS make sure you stay fast and focused on your performance.

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CE Standard

Alle Bliz Active produkter er CE-merket, hvilket betyr at vi følger grunnleggende helse- og sikkerhetskrav som kan bli funnet i EU direktivene som er gitt for denne produktgruppen.

Grilamid TR90

Dette svært fleksible høyteknologiske materialet gir veldig lav vekt og ypperlig ytelse under alle værforhold.

Avtakbar svettestang

Den avtakbare svettestangen lar deg opprettholde et klart syn under aktiviteter med høy anstrengelse og samtidig hindre at svette når ned til øynene.


Bøylen lar deg justere brillene for en tettere passform rundt hodet.

Ultra Lens Science™

Bliz Ultra Lens Science ™ er det ultimate innen linseteknologi. Bliz ULS™ skibriller leverer ni unike egenskaper. Alt i ett enkelt glass.


Linsene er laget av uknuselig polykarbonat som er 10 ganger mer slagfast enn plast- eller glasslinser og gir den høyeste grad av beskyttelse.

100% UV-beskyttelse

Bliz Active Eyewear beskytter øyene dine effektivt mot skadelige UVA og UVB-stråler.

Vekt 33g

Disse sportsbriller veier 33g


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When developing Sprint, we got a lot of help from those who know best - the athletes themselves. Top performers in a variety of sports have helped us develop and test the model that ultimately got the name Sprint ULS. The goal was to create a model so technically advanced and flexible that it would deliver top performance in not just one but many different sports. Sprint ULS is especially appreciated in skiing and multisports. Sprint comes with headband and sweat bar. Ultra Lens Science™, fantastic fit and stylish looks make Sprint a winner in every sport. Trust the pros - trust Sprint. 

Sprint is equipped with Ultra Lens Science™. A high tech lens with photochromic abilities that darkens and lightens up automatically to the strength of the sunlight (UV light). The ULS-lens is made of X-PC and delivers complete UV protection, minimal refraction, anti-scratch, anti-fog, multicoating and is oleophobic and hydrophobic. A total of 9 vital features in one single lens. Keep your pace up with Sprint and our most technically advanced lens.

Sprint ULS is made from Grilamid TR90. The material has low weight and very high flexibility. Thanks to the high tech material these glasses are very comfortable to wear in any temperature and weather. Grilamid TR90 is a great material for high performance activities.

Sprint ULS is built for performance. That is why you can adjust them to your needs and wishes. The sweat bar makes sure that you are protected from sweat dripping down and causing a burning sensation in your eyes. The temple tips in Wire Core are easily adjusted, as well as the nose pad. That lets you find the optimal fit for any activity.


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Bliz Ultra Lens Science™ is the ultimate in lens technology. Through intensive research and careful testswe have succeeded to further develop the traditional double lens into one high-tech laminated single lens. Bliz ULS™ goggles deliver 9 unique lens features. All in one single lens.

Bliz Ultra Lens Science™ is the ultimate in lens technology. It delivers perfect vision in most every environment by bringing the longest list of features together for the first time anywhere. Photochromatic, Anti-fog, Oleophobic, Hydrophobic, Anti-scratch, Multicoating, Shatter proof, Max UV-protection andPerfect curve are all in this proprietary unique Bliz lens.

Bliz Ultra Lens Science™ delivers the highest lens quality for any weather, every light, all terrains andevery speed so you can keep focused on what’s ahead.
















How to change lens on Sprint ULS and other features


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