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Elevate White S-M/54-58

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Color: White
104.95 $
Elevate White S-M/54-58


The high performance Elevate is a semi-aero cycling helmet developed in cooperation with the Swedish Cycling Team - Team Bliz Merida. The helmets design utilizes a unique combination of aerodynamics and low weight resulting in a significant improvement in performance. The effective Bliz Air Flow System™ excessively cools the wearer to enable comfort and stamina in both daily road rides and professional races. With multiple channels, the intake vents distribute the air evenly throughout the helmet, effectively cooling the wearer. 

Elevate is made with safety as main priority and to meet the high security demands of the world’s best cyclists. The helmet is adjustable in a 2-way direction for optimal comfort and fit.

Why choose Bliz?

Protective sports gear is our passion! We are constantly working to develop new products and technical solutions to meet the ever changing market needs. With Bliz you can feel secure and stay focused on your sport, and these three important factors should make Bliz your obvious choice:

DESIGN - Bliz is permeated by Scandinavian design which is at the cutting edge in function, technology and appearance. Carefully developed, quality-assured products, which meet the necessary standards and requirements.

FLEXIBILITY - Bliz provides a high technical and functional level of products. The products' functionality and the accessories available combine to provide unbeatable versatility and flexibility.

VALUE - Bliz advantageous pricing, along with the flexibility of the products and the accessories – which are included in the price or can be purchased separately – provide an unbeatable value for you as a consumer.

Swedish Design CE Standard Recyclable

Airflow Ventilation System

Bliz Airflow Ventilation Systemâ„¢ was developed using low and high speed fluid dynamics studies to deliver the ideal airflow rates both within and around the helmet at every speed. The result is a helmet with air channels that delivers pleasant and effective ventilation that further enhances safety.


By fusing the liner to the shell during construction, the outer shell can be very thin and light weight.

2-Way size adjustment

The helmet is adjustable in a 2-way direction for optimal comfort and fit.