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Raid Carbon White M-L/54-58

Item.no - 55602-00-5458
Color: White
359.95 $
Raid Carbon White M-L/54-58 Raid Carbon White M-L/54-58 Raid Carbon White M-L/54-58 Raid Carbon White M-L/54-58 Raid Carbon White M-L/54-58 Raid Carbon White M-L/54-58 Raid Carbon White M-L/54-58 Raid Carbon White M-L/54-58 Raid Carbon White M-L/54-58 Raid Carbon White M-L/54-58


The Bliz Raid Helmet line was developed with a single focus - maximum safety. The Raid brings us one step closer to zero tolerance of head injuries in skiing. Through innovation and targeted product development, we have succeeded in developing a helmet that meets the rigorous standards required to be FIS (Federation of International Skiing) certified race helmet. Wear a Raid helmet and you can focus on you skiing because you have made safety your priority.

Raid Carbon is available in 2 different sizes: Small/Medium: 50-54cm and Medium/Large: 54-58cm

Bliz Raid Carbon race helmet is perfect for alpine skiing, skicross and other demanding winter sports where head protection is a vital part of the equipment.

Raid Carbon White M-L/54-58

Why choose Bliz?

Protective sports gear is our passion! We are constantly working to develop new products and technical solutions to meet the ever changing market needs. With Bliz you can feel secure and stay focused on your sport, and these three important factors should make Bliz your obvious choice:

DESIGN - Bliz is permeated by Scandinavian design which is at the cutting edge in function, technology and appearance. Carefully developed, quality-assured products, which meet the necessary standards and requirements.

FLEXIBILITY - Bliz provides a high technical and functional level of products. The products' functionality and the accessories available combine to provide unbeatable versatility and flexibility.

VALUE - Bliz advantageous pricing, along with the flexibility of the products and the accessories – which are included in the price or can be purchased separately – provide an unbeatable value for you as a consumer.

Swedish Design CE Standard Recyclable

Carbon Fiber

Raid Carbon helmet takes the Raid helmet and enhances its protection further with a UHM carbon fiber inlay. The ultra-lightweight and ultra-stiff characteristics of the carbon fiber inlays increase Raid Carbon stiffness and impact resistance vs similar helmets without carbon. Other benefits of the integrated carbon are controlled weight and compact design, ensuring a closer and more aerodynamic fit.

Bliz Airflow Ventilation System™

Developed using low and high speed fluid dynamics studies to deliver the ideal airflow rates both within and around the helmet at every speed. The result is a helmet with air channels that delivers pleasant and effective ventilation that further enhances safety.

EPP Core Material

Bliz Raid has been equipped with a unique EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) core to provide better protection in a crash. EPP is a stronger material than the more common complete EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core since it is not as easily permanently compressed in a crash. The Raid’s EPP core gives you a better and more long-term protection.

EPS Reinforcement

The Bliz Raid helmet enhances the safety of its EPP core with focused EPS side inlays. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), has great shock-absorbing properties and is a common and proven material in helmets. The majority of helmet impacts in crashes occur from the side, which means that the helmet sides become more vulnerable to shocks. Raid EPP core has been reinforced and enhanced with the EPS side inlays to enhance its protective capabilities.

Removable Neckpad

Raid has a removable neck pad in two interchangeable sizes on the back of the helmet for extra support, protection and custom fit.

Emergency Quick Release System

Bliz Raid puts safety first. The helmet has therefore been fitted with Emergency Quick Release System™. A reliable, fast and easy way to detach the ear pads from the helmet to reduce pressure on the skier's head and neck, if an accident should occur.

ABS Shell

Raid 's ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shell delivers high impact resistance and cold weather tolerance.

Rubber Liner

Raid's rubber edge liner further protects the helmet from impacts. It also gives the helmet a distinct race look.

Included products

Hard Case

Hard Case

Neck Pad

Neck Pad

Padding kit

Padding kit

Goggle Clip

Goggle Clip